Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sour Grapes

Supposedly professional people talking about the Saints win over the Vikings last week reminds me of preteens in a playground.

The two Fox announcers were gushing all over Brett Farve all during the game on Sunday (Joe Buck and Troy Aikman). It was nauseating.
Hakim Drops the Ball puts it better than me .

From "":
Saints brutalized Favre
What did the Saints did to Brett Favre bordered on criminal. The only way they could win was to knock him out of the game.

Jeesh, guys, that's what happens in football.

From the Mississippi press Saints played dirty football. huh?

And the all time "wah, wah" reaction to the Saints routing of the Vikings comes from than that wild and crazy kind of guy, Deion Sanders.
From his public tweets, we see that he's got the mind of a 12 year old..... girl:

Well, let's go colts!!!! Let's go Peyton!!!!!!!
7:38 PM Jan 24th That's horrible
7:35 PM Jan 24th I'm not even gone congratulate yall.
7:34 PM Jan 24th Watch, those refs are gonna be on 60 minutes in a few years talkin bout how they got paid to help the saints win.
7:32 PM Jan 24th Ya booo the saints! They're cheaters!!
7:31 PM Jan 24th Cowboys should of been in the super bowl first of all
7:30 PM Jan 24th Duce mcallister is kind of fat
7:29 PM Jan 24th Yall saints fans can't seriously be happy with yall selfs. Yall did not win this fair. The refs helped yall!
7:27 PM Jan 24th RT @DHarrisIV: welp the superbowl is gonna suck -- amen
7:24 PM Jan 24th @mackmaine they cheated bro. Vikings should of won
7:23 PM Jan 24th in reply to mackmaine These refs need to jump off a building.. Head first
7:22 PM Jan 24th I love Bret. I wanted him to win so bad.
7:21 PM Jan 24th Man I'm bout to cry.

Later, in a recap of the game on TV, Mr. Sanders said something to the affect that the jails in New Orleans would be full of drunks on Sunday night.

Deion, there was no rioting, no overturning of police and other cars, no buildings set on fire, no looting and hardly any arrests on Sunday night....unlike other cities that have won championships. All that occurred was jubulation by
Saints' fans.
Where else would the fans come prepared with tubas and other brass instruments to celebrate their team's victory? Only in NOLA, baby.

So let's let the sour grapes just move on and turn into raisins. We know how hard our Saints worked to get to Superbowl and that's all that counts.

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