Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Freedom of Information Act

From the Levees dot org website:

The Corps is telling us we have to pay big bucks for documents we’re entitled to under federal law!

We requested documents from the Corps’ Public Affairs Office after we discovered they’re paying a PR company called OPP almost $5 million of our tax payer money to improve the Corps’ image after its levees failed in August 2005. wanted to know more about this PR Campaign by OPP, so we filed a request under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) last June.

The Corps partly fulfilled our request but now say we can’t see another page unless we pay! We applied for a waiver – since is requesting information for the public good – but we were DENIED."

I'm just an uneducated person when it comes to laws, but the above statements make me scratch my head. How can the ACOE demand money for articles requested under the Freedom of Information Act?


Editilla~New Orleans Ladder said...

I was curious too and so axed Sandy Rosenthal about this. Still I'm not sure if I understand it.
We paid for Optimal Process Partners to do $5,000,000 worth of Public Relations work for the Corps, on top of what we have already paid for the Corps Public Affairs Dept. We The Tax Payers own the work of Optimal Process Partners, OPP.
Sooo, I don't understand why we must Pay Again, Double Taxation, to see the records of this Work by OPP which we have already Paid For?
Am I missing something here.

I would recommend leaving a comment/question for Mrs Rosenthal on that blog post.

Thanks for swinging this, Mz Judy.

Sandy Rosenthal said...

Thank you for publishing this important information. Our request under FOIA to the Corps' Public Affairs office is a large one, and so the Corps said we must pay. We applied for a waiver, since the information is being requested for the public good, but we were denied. So far, has already paid $500.00 and now the Corps says to get the rest of the information we requested, we must pay even more.