Sunday, July 22, 2018

Racists Among Us - Kids Version

Racist students plaster a Black teacher's class room with "obama you're fired" and "Make america great again" posters and print out a wall, tape it infront of the door of a Mexican teacher's class room.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Racists Among Us

Sheesh, this is getting to be a weekly thing.

This time, it happened over Memorial Day in Berkely.

This group of friends were visiting Berkely and decided to walk to a burger joint.  On the way, an apparent drunk white woman harassed the man in the white baseball cap.  Excerpt from story: 

 “You don’t belong here,” the woman suddenly told Essex Cook. She was fixated on him, he recalled. He said that, though the group was multiracial, he is black and has the darkest skin. “Get out of Berkeley. Get out of here. You don’t belong anywhere,” the woman said over and over.

She was identified in records online as 31-year-old Lauren Milewski. Hong said Milewski has no permanent home address.

According to court records, Milewski was on probation for a 2017 robbery case that was described, when it was charged, as a violent felony that could have sent her to prison. She ultimately took a plea to grand theft, and the rest of the charges in the case were dismissed. Milewski spent a couple months in jail, then was placed on a five-year probation term. According to records online she is no longer in custody and no new charges appear to have been filed.

Thursday, July 19, 2018


The m├ęcanophone, a modern post-barbarism organ that seems straight out of Gaston Lagaffe's brain, a perfectly destructive device and a concert of horns that must be wonderful in traffic jams. 

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Brits' Take on drumpf


Hang in There

Dan Rather
17 hrs
From the farce of yesterday's hearing on Capitol Hill ("oversight" by mendacity) to the spectacle in Great Britain (a President's destabilizing, unstable, and racist interview) to the trailing exhaust of American leadership left in Brussels (with a friend like the U.S. who needs... Russia?) to what awaits in Helsinki (a bromance with a wily KGB agent), what we are witnessing is far beyond the realm of this reporter to put into full context.
I doubt Dante could imagine the circles in which we find ourselves. P.T. Barnum couldn't figure out a way to sell it. And Rod Serling would shake his head in disbelief. All metaphors are rendered largely impotent - be they circus, swamp, or dumpster fire - because they seem to understate the sheer dangerous absurdity of it all. There can be no individual accounting of all damage.
I surmise this is what in some ways passes for the strategy of the President and his accomplices. See how many reactionary judges they can install, how many loopholes for the rich and connected they can construct, how many protections to health, water and air they can shred before the inevitable backlash.
I list all of this not to sow the seeds of hopelessness. Quite the contrary. That is what the forces of authoritarianism wish - that they can launch a reclamation of the Gilded Age on the backs of a demoralized majority. But I have seen these types of actors before. I have seen these odds. They cannot understand that the forces of goodness can channel a fury of righteousness and action. The time for slumber is over. No one can ever argue that elections do not have consequences. Even with the hurdles they are erecting to democracy no President and no political party, no matter how cynical they may be, is bigger than the country at large.