Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Class Act

We go from the sour grapes to a very classy Colts fan

An Open Letter To the New Orleans Saints, from an Indianapolis Colts Fan

by James Secoloff

Contributor Written on January 27, 2010
It happened...

The Colts have made it to the Super Bowl. Quietly, humbly, efficiently they came out in the second half and delivered the knockout blows needed to beat the pesky New York Jets.

Every Colts fan has been salivating for this for two seasons since the last trip to Miami.

Every Colts fan is ready, ecstatic that his team has made it this far. As the clock ticked down in the AFC Championship game, the realization hit me that another Super Bowl win would fully validate the career of my favorite athlete (do I need to say his name?).

And then...

The Saints come marching in—guns blazing, classy group, everything you could want out of a football team.

Everyone knows the story, Katrina hits, devastating the city of New Orleans...

Who do the people turn to but their lovable loser football team.

They back them, despite the fact that they’ve never been to a Super Bowl, that they’ve had more losing seasons than I’m sure fans care to recall...

The city pulls itself up from its bootstraps, and this team gives it something to stand behind, to root for, to be so proud of.

Which then leads to the question many Colts fan ask themselves...

Why did we get stuck playing the most likeable football team in the history of lovable losers?

I won’t cut corners here. I’m die hard. I hope it’s a great game. I hope Peyton throws for 400 yards and five touchdowns and solidifies himself as one of the all-time greats.

In the end, this game is different from any of the others. I don’t hate the Saints. In fact, I’d say they might be my second favorite team. I don’t want to see Drew Brees being carted off the field at any point in the game, or any other Saints player for that matter. I don’t want any questions about who the better team was when that final whistle blows.

I want a hard-fought battle between two of the classier organizations in the NFL.

I hope both teams walk off the field with their heads held high. I hope fans of both of these franchises cherish this game, this season and the careers of so many great players who will take the field on Super Bowl Sunday.

Which brings me to admitting maybe the hardest thing to say as a Colts fan...

If we gotta lose to someone, might as well be you guys...

There, I said it. Now I look like a sentimental softy. I’m sure my die-hard status will be in question to many a Colt’s fan...

I don’t care. Your story is amazing and your team might be bigger than any one game or even the man(ning) I have idolized since he stepped onto a football field.

Best of luck to all of you, the team, the fans, and the New Orleans community. I’ve rooted hard for the Saints every game of the season, how could you not?

This will be the exception.

I’m sure it will be a game for the ages.

See you in Miami.


Travis (danville, indiana) said...

Great article and I agree, im a huge colts fan (have been since the 80's when we were the saints)....:), good luck to both teams and may the best team (colts) win.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for leaving suchan honest message. You regot to mention the final score though SAINTS 31-COLTS 17!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a great classy article!!!! May the best team win...eventhough my heart prays that the one led by that often neglected 31 year old quaterback wins!