Sunday, July 06, 2008

Bay St. Louis & Waveland- three years post K

I've posted about the state of two small Mississippi towns that were pulverized by the winds that were to the east of Katrina's eyewall.

Waveland and Bay St. Louis were serene, sleepy coastal towns before the storm. And by the looks of things this past weekend, they're on their way back, although they still have a long way to go.

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Hubby and I decided to spend July 4th at the

Our Lady of the Gulf 24th Annual Crabfest in Bay St. Louis.

This church somehow survived Katrina's 28 foot storm surge pretty much intact

True to the theme of the festival, they had some succulent boiled crabs. The first thing we did was devour these two plates of seafood, washed down by ice cold Abita beer

The festival was pretty low-key, which was actually quite enjoyable. I must be getting old. The band Relative Unknowns played and they were damn good.

The food was great and the weather was tolerable with a nice breeze off the bay.

In between courses of boiled seafood and fried catfish, we took a walk around the grounds of the festival and spotted a few interesting sites.

Bay St. Louis City Hall still appears to be closed due to storm damage

St. Stanislaus School has repaired the pier that juts out from it's grounds

There is a really neat little gazebo built around an oak right next to City Hall

And a few blocks away is the rebirth of Old Town Bay St. Louis, an area of shops and eateries that we've yet to discover .

On the way home we took Hwy 90 along the coast to check out how the recovery was coming.

You can still see a lot of Katrina Cottages springing up along the Waveland coast.

But now there are big, beautiful bay front homes being completed like these two:

Of course, some people have been screwed by the insurance companies

With much thanks to all of those who have taken part in the rebuilding of Katrina's vast wasteland. We salute you

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