Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Waveland - 30 Months Post K

We took a little trip down Highway 90 on Saturday, to get lunch at Rickeys Restaurant in Bay St. Louis. On the way home, we decided to check out the rebuilding in Waveland along the coast. Although it still looks pretty damn bad to an outsider, we noticed a lot of improvements on the gulf front since our last trip three or so months ago. While the roads that come off the beachfront are still almost impassable for a passenger car, there are several main arteries connecting it with Highway 90.

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People are rebuilding while still living in those nasty FEMA trailers

Some places are just about done

There are a lot of Katrina Cottages along the beach. Seems like the Katrina Cottages are being used as both temporary quarters while people rebuild as well as what appears to be semi permanent homes to others.

Despite the obvious rebuilding efforts by the people of Waveland, there are still a lot of signs of Katrina's wrath along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

There's still the presence of people who've dedicated their time and money helping the people of Waveland recover.

St. Clare Church is still operating out of this structure.

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