Monday, July 07, 2008

Grand Isle post K

From the "daily comet" dot com, an article that discusses Louisiana's Grand Isle's rebirth from Katrina.

Tourists are back, business is bustling, construction is everywhere.

That's good to know. Grand Isle State Park is undergoing beach reclamation at this point, so it's closed to camping right now.

Grand Isle State Park is also enjoying a building boom of sorts. The U.S. Army Corp of Engineers is currently pumping sand onto the beach, in an effort to rebuild what was lost to Katrina. This has closed beachside camping and is causing a lot of noise for those campers who braved one of the park’s off-beach campsites.

“We’ve got three hundred feet of new beach,” the manager of the park Jason Cline said. “The corp is moving really fast. They started on the tenth of June. I know it’s right in the middle of the tourist season, but that’s when the corp said they could do it … We’ve got a lot of projects coming up. As soon as we finish the new bathhouse, we’re going to renovate the old one. I see no reason that beach camping won’t be back by next summer.”

Guess I'll start planning a road trip to Grand Isle next year. It's been too long.

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