Friday, June 13, 2008

Scuzzbucket of the Week

Miss Ann Duplessis

It was her bill, HB 672, that would increase lawmakers' base salary from $16,800 to $37,500. Senate Bill 672 challenges the concept of a Legislature comprised of citizens performing part-time public service in favor of representation that is compensated like a full-time job.

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Congratulations go out to Ann Duplessis, our Moron of the Year! (So far!) Her district lies in ruins, her constituency is spread across the country, but she can tootle back and forth from Baton Rouge in her taxpayer funded Mercedes S-500 in comfort

knowing that all you working stiffs are going to be working a little harder to pay for it. We now return you to business as usual in Louisiana.

from Bayou Buzz dot com:

Legislators need to understand that they are public servants and voters are the boss. We are the ones that employ these politicians and those who vote for this pay raise can very well be fired at the next election. To all of the competent and skilled legislators who are considering a vote in favor of this bill, think again. It is the equivalent of a political death sentence.

For Governor Jindal, it is time to show courage, leadership and get back engaged in what is happening here in Louisiana. It is time to stop the grand political and media tour around the country and stop campaigning for the vice presidential nomination and start paying attention to job #1.

People are now watching and demanding that our public servants follow the will of the ones in charge, not the politicians, but the people of Louisiana. Finally the roles are reversed and let's hope it stays this way.


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