Saturday, January 13, 2007

Hwy 90 Trek

After work on Saturday, I took Hwy 90 home, rather than my usual route of Hwy 11. I wanted to check on any progress being made in the Lake Catherine/Fort Pike area, one of the hardest hit areas in Louisiana.

Click on pictures for full-size versions.

These two behemoths have been "parked" by the Textron facility since Katrina.

What must've been a beautiful sailboat, the Samarai now sits in the woods, all broken

The first four or so miles on Hwy 90 appear as desolate as this.

There are humungous "camps" being built out there

But also some modest ones being rebuilt

Fort Pike is just sitting there, in disrepair. But there are fishermen there almost daily.

The wildlife seems to enjoy fishing there, too. That dust in the moat appears to be from the construction going on of the new Chef Pass Bridge

The bridge is progressing nicely. Gonna be a high mother!

The one thing I like about winter is that one can see the shape of all of the nekkid trees.

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