Friday, January 12, 2007

The "ENOUGH" March

I was in Thibodaux the day of the March and didn't get to find out the details until this afternoon.

To all who marched, y'all rule. I can't describe how proud I am of you all.

Bart Everson delivered a speech at yesterday's "Stop the Crime" march in New Orleans.
Thanks to Adrastos for the link to the video at youtube.

This is Bart being interviewed by Anderson Cooper. A bit of his speech is telecast there. Many thanks to Bart for providing text of his speech on b.rox.
Thank you in so many ways, Bart.

Dambala over at American Zombie produced a great film during the march, with interviews of some NOLA bloggers.

Here is a link to coverage of the March from CBS, Time, NY Times, LA Times and more.

Speakers at the March, Part One.

Speakers at the March, Part Two

Casey Nunez' 10 minute video covering the March

Karen's has a few pix here and the text to her speech is here for the reading.

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