Sunday, January 14, 2007

How 'Bout Dem Saints?

Bless You, Boys!
Bless You, Mr. Payton
From the Rapid City Journal ... It might not seem like much, those few hours to play. Happens every weekend in places across the country. For a city struggling to piece itself back together, though, the Saints are more than a little distraction.
From Bayou Buzz Still, the average New Orleans citizen will go back this week to the rubble, to the trailers, to the question marks that has marked the community’s existence since the late summer of 2005. But, for another week, there will be a smile on their faces and pride in the hearts. They know there is hope that their football team can win the next big one and that the citizens can persevere and never say die--even in a City now known for the Saints.
From Helena Montana ..the people of New Orleans pulled together behind the one thing they could all believe in...."This has really been the rebirth of New Orleans," said Tonya Dupree, a season-ticket holder for the first time this year. "If you were depressed about something, the Saints took all that away. They're saviors. And, after beating Philadelphia 27-24, they're on the verge of being in the Super Bowl. Funny how this place hosted all those Super Bowls but never had a team in it. Maybe that will change now. Lots of things have changed here.

From The London Free Press The Saints truly have brought everyone together at a time when the city needed it more than ever. And it's a lot easier to sleep in a FEMA trailer after a win than a loss.


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