Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Part One

Watched Spike Lee's Katrina movie last night. I was impressed.

Unlike others, I didn't see any "one-sided" interviews here. In my mind, the collection of people who spoke represented a well balanced group. True, he didn't
cover New Orleans East Vietnamese or the rich whites in Lakeview or even Slidell. But it's HIS movie. If someone wants to complain about who wasn't included in Spike's movie, then let them make a movie that portrays their side.

As far as the accusations that Spike was promoting the idea that the levees were blown up, I disagree. There were maybe three people who believed that. Everyone else appreared to have thought about that and realized that the force of the water was the "exploding" sounds that were heard.

Part One is very good. My only complaint is that Ray Ray seems to have been enjoying envisioning himself as some sort of a leader. What a loser.

I was here for the storm and the aftermath. Due to communication failures (i.e. the cell towers were blown away), we were not aware of what was going on in New Orleans until Thursday. We had to rely on WWL radio. The descriptions of what was going on in the city didn't do justice to what we saw on television. Spike did a good job with that.

Going to bed at 10 and getting up at 4 doesn't give me enough sleep, but I'll be watching part two tonight.

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