Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Getting Close to that time

It's close to that time of year again...the busy part of hurricane season.

I guess the recent spate of thunderstorms in the area during the past two
weeks, coupled with this article in the T-P today got me thinking
about this season.

Nash Roberts was the best! I remember tuning into the 10 o'clock news during summers
past (ten plus years ago) and KNOW there was a serious storm out there when Nash was
doing the weather forecast. Nash with his magic markers and stumbling delivery.
He may not have been as "pretty and smooth" as meteorologists today, but he was a damn good forecaster. Still is, as the article in the T-P shows. Nash didn't need all the newfangled tools available to todays weather forecasters. He did his own analysis - and I'm sure he looked at all of the models available at the time. But he went with his gut.

Hurricane season 2006 brings us some interesting weather men (easier to say than meteorologist...and spell, too).

Margaret Orr is too gushy and cutesy for me. That and she gets worked up
too easily. Nash never showed that much emotion.

Carl Arredondo (love saying his name) I like. He's professional and to the point. Although he's no Nash, I trust him.

Bob Breck....UGH! This little worm probably did a happy dance when he heard that
Nash was retiring. THEN he got that hideous hairpiece. I didn't like him pre-hairpiece and I dislike him even more now. It's not just the hairpiece, it's his
gigantic ego. I don't trust any of his forecasting either.

My man, Dan. I love Dan Milham. He's accurate, he's personable (for me) and
he seems to have to cool that Nash has/had.

Although I don't watch a lot of local TV weather anymore (my husband is a Weather Channel freak), during "the season" I tune in to the locals. Dan will be my man this year again. Unless WDSU chooses a younger, flashier weatherman. I hope not.

Riding home today, I looked at all the fema trailers along Highway 11 and wondered what would happen if anything stronger than a weak Cat One came through. I hope we don't have to deal with that this year.

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