Wednesday, July 26, 2006


-- Andrea Yates was insane when she drowned her children in a bathtub, jury finds.


Anonymous said...

A N.O. native, I moved to Europe several months after Katrina (still own home & have lots of family & friends there & miss it very much). I haven't really followed the Yates 2nd trial because of adjusting to a new life here. As much as I was very saddened by the tragic deaths of her children (I did follow the 1st trial), I was disappointed that not more emphasis by MSM was placed on Andrea's ex husband's role in her great suffering. While he didn't drown the children, he was too caught up in his religious beliefs to confront his wife's mental illness. I hold him somewhat responsible for the state she found herself in. It wasn't as though they lacked money or resources to address Andrea's real problems. Her ex is an educated professional who deluded himself when he should've remembered that charity begins at home (IMHO). I love your work, Judy. Thanks.

judyb said...

I agree with you completely, anon. That was a very sad, crazy family life. It's a shame he walked off scott free.