Monday, July 24, 2006

Crime and Food

Thought I'd check out the "racist" St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office website
to see if there was any update in the status of the quadruple murder
in Slidell a few weeks ago.

Update July 27th. Up to ten different drugs found in victims' bodies Surprised? Not me.

While I was there, I checked out the most wanted list. Jeesh, what a sleezy bunch there! Then I stumbled across an
interesting section of the website. You can find out crime statistics for your neighborhood by type of crime and how it compares
to last year. Pretty cool. Good place to go to check out a neighborhood if you're house hunting or if you're
just plain curious like me.

Onto another website, I decided to check out the tropics. They look pretty quiet out there.

Getting my evacuation boxes ready. Sure hope we don't have to use them. We even have
a case of MRE's upstairs (I know, who doesn't?). I don't like the idea of evacuating with
five cats, but if we have to, then we will. The bad thing about leaving for hurricanes is that
you don't know which direction to go (except north) until it's close to landfall (in most cases). I don't think I'll dwell on that
right now. I'd rather think about good food.

My honey and I went to the Covington Farmers' Market a few weeks back then went to lunch at
the Cheese Steak Bistro
on Columbia.
Excellent sandwiches there. They're open Monday-Saturday till 2 or 3
in the afternoon. It's worth the trip. (985) 875-9793.

And if you hang around after lunch, browsing all the neat shops in Covington, go to dinner at
DiChristina's Restaurant down the street at 810 N. Columbia (985-875-0160).
Opened by members of the family that operated Rocky & Carlo's in Chalmette, DiCristina's serves big portions of Creole-Italian comfort food.

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