Monday, December 21, 2015

Glad I'm not HIM

In ghe great state of OKLAHOMA this idiot was identified as a robber due to his lovely facial tattoos. Look

From , here's the story

A Tulsa, Oklahoma man has been arrested after a victim identified him by his facial tattoos.

Paul Terry and the victim's ex-girlfriend, Sonja Marie Moro, were both arrested after an investigation into a home invasion and armed robbery.

The victim reported that Moro and a man, identified as Terry, forced their way into his home Friday, according to court documents. Terry had a knife and demanded money, or he would stab him.

The victim gave his wallet to them and told Moro he would call police after they left.

The victim described Terry's horn tattoos on his face, which helped police identify Terry as a suspect.

The pair were arrested on complaints of robbery with a dangerous weapon.

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