Monday, October 27, 2014

Honest - But Funny Mistake

While compiling a list of websites to include in my last post about the l November 4th election, I had left several windows open to
refer back to them during the construction of the blogpost. I posted at about noon today and spent most of the
day outside, enjoying the weather, reading and keeping my Lab company (he suffers from separation anxiety)

One of the websites I left open on my laptop was Vote Smart dot org.
I didn't register that this website had the sounds of dogs barking and birds tweeting if you leave it idle for a certain amount of time.

After about an hour outside I came into the house and heard a bird chirping, in a certain part of the house. I looked around but could not identify where the bird might be.

When my husband came home I told him about the sound of a bird chirping in the house. He pulled out the aluminum ladder to check the high spaces in our sunroom and living room. Nothing could be found

We thought that maybe our squirrel had decided to sound like a bird, but that proved wrong.

When I finally finished my evening chores and sat down to check my internet sites, I heard the chirping my computer. I laughed when I found out the bird I thought was in my house was actually singing from my laptop

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