Friday, July 26, 2013

Scuzzbucket of the Week

THIS is the face of a cold-blodded animal abuser.

Adrienne Martin, 35 years old, from St. Louis Missouri.

Martin chained a 3-year-old shepherd-terrier mix named Brownie on a short heavy chain and then set fire to his face and body. The dog belonged to her sister-in-law. Brownie apparently bit Martin's son, who had to go to the hospital for treatment. She initially denied setting the dog on fire, but later confessed to the crime.

This brilliant "human" even had the audacity of brag about what she did on her Facebook page .

I'm on killa mode
she posted July 9. The posting was shared 36 times by animal advocates who called Martin “gross” and “sickening.”

The next day she posted
I mean what I say and I say what I

“Brownie was helpless in escaping his abuser because he was anchored by a chain,” Stray Rescue said. “He later died.”

After the July 9 post, Martin returned to Facebook July 14 to respond to her critics. The St. Louis woman showed no remorse for her alleged behavior.

“MF's is killing me about this stupid dog ....keep it didn't take care nor like or love the MF...on the TV str8 lies ...‪#‎laughingeveryday....stop b----..,” she wrote. That messaged was shared 31 times on Facebook.

She now faces felony animal abuse charges in Brownie’s death. Several websites are showing pictures of the murdered dog, but I can't even look at them, let alone share them.


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