Monday, July 29, 2013

Punish the Whistle Blowers

This almost feels like some thriller movie, but it is real life.

From the website , this video shows reactions to how an American soldier is treated like a rat for telling the truth about abominations happening in Iraq.

Manning was charged with 21 counts in connection with the leak of some 700,000 classified documents to the WikiLeaks website.

The most serious charge is “aiding the enemy.” which could carry a life sentence. The prosecution chose not to pursue capital punishment, which was an option.

It's amazing to see how our government gets bat shit paranoid over someone telling the truth (think Edward Snowden and Julian Assange)

In my opinion, these men did what they felt was the right things in their hearts, but they freaked out the U.S. Government, which is very paranoid about appearing complicit to the abominable actions they decided to commit.

I hope truth prevails, but I don't feel that it will. Someday, some way those that make dark, evil decisions will have to pay the price.

I would love to observe it, just as I observed the fall of Nixon.

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