Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bayou Sauvage Marsh Fire

Apparently lightening started a fire in an island in the Bayou Sauvage NWLR this week and NOLA has been overwhelmed with the smoke from the fire. Here is a time lapse today provided by a local TV channel.

Raw Video: Time Lapse Of Smoke Filling CBD - Video - WDSU New Orleans


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting that. Now I "see"(?) what my friends in NOLA are contending with ... heard about it - but nice to be a bit more connected. Don't know why they can't just do an air-drop and put it out ... not like there isn't enough water around. Although I've been told that a marsh fire burns - underground as well. R.P.

muebles en guipuzcoa said...

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