Friday, December 31, 2010

Just a few pix

I didn't have too much to do on Thursday, so I took a little road trip on my favorite backwoods road - Highway 90 - in the far eastern part of St. Tammany Parish

I found a few things I'd never seen before and decided to use my beautiful new D90 Nikon that my hubby got me for Christmas to document them.

These stairs belong to a church that obviously was hit hard by Katrina. But it looks as if the congregation is trying to save the church

The church is located on Indian Village Road in East Slidell, which is very near Lake Borgne.

Katrina's tidal surge from Lake Borgne reached miles into eastern St. Tammany Parish
taking HUGE boats, homes, trees and other things and pushing them miles inland.

Here's the homemade sign for the Church

Here is a side view (which made me think they're still trying to save it, bless their hearts)

Faith is a powerful thing.

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Glenn said...

Wonderful shots. Thanks for sharing them.