Thursday, May 20, 2010

time for this to stop

From a WWL radio interview at 7:20 AM 5/20/2010 (one month after the disaster that is killing our coast):
Billy Nungesser detailing all the run around he's been getting from BP, the Coast Guard, the Army Corps of Engineers
It's an emergency, we've lost 25 miles of marsh this week. 
We called this in on Monday morning, 6 o'clock; as of this day, no one is out there cleaning up the marsh.
It doesn't take 3 days to get a crew out there.
The oil in Pass a Loutre is 1" in the surface, in the canes.  Nothing will survive. Within 5 days everything will be dead.  Its the
only thing holding the marsh together.  25 miles of marsh is dead.
If we would have started this 10 days ago (when we requested "permission" to build the berm)  -  if it was really considered an emergency - we'd be picking this oil  off the berm.  The Federal Gov't has us wrapped up in red tape.
If we don't stop it coming into the marsh, we won't need the offshore money. This marsh will
deteriorate so fast that the Grand Isle fisning rodeo will be held in Baton Rouge in a few years.
They want me up in DC Tuesday to testify.  I replied in a letter saying I will testify about everything and I'm not
sure you want to hear from me.  We'll talk about everything, not just what you want to hear. 
Not expecting to get a return invitation.
BP has an opportunity to step up to the plate and authorize this berm today.  There were a couple of birds
that landed in the cane while we were out there.  They're dead.  Everything in that area is dead or
dying, it won't survive.  I pulled out one of the canes from the roots, it was already turning brown.
You can write it off.
The corps not equipped to tell us how to build our levees and flood walls.  It's a crime to go  thru these
procedures and we know what has to be done.


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