Saturday, May 22, 2010

It's not in my mind......

I smell oil in Slidell. I've smelled it for the past two days.
My 21 year old daughter doesn't smell it. But of course, she's younger and smarter than me. She doesn't think this oil spill means anything really, just a few oysters lost. Ah, the ignorance of youth.

Nolafemmes has penned a post about how things are, more than 30 days past the blast . Called "Stick a fork in me", it mirrors all of my depression and anger at this insane situation we southeastern Louisianians are facing.

Pray for us.

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Amee Robinson said...

I just visitied my family in Baton Rouge, LA from Charlotte, NC. I was going back to Charlotte just a day ago and I stopped at a Tavo Bell in Slidell to eat. I crossed a brifge and I knew automatically I smelt oil! It was terrible and I almost cried knowing the state I was born and raised in is def in a crisis. I had a sore throat because of the smell.