Friday, May 21, 2010

A human WTF: Spelling out the toll of the leak

text messages spelled out with humans.

From neworleans dot com:

Maybe it's a byproduct of watching that live BP oil footage streaming from the ocean floor for too long, but it feels like desperate times call for desperate measures as the leak rolls on.

Some are spelling out grievances on the beach. Matt Peterson of Global Green has shared photos from residents of Grand Isle spelling out human text messages of Never Again, Paradise Lost and WTF?! that were taken last weekend with locals.

I received the initial press release, and the photos have even more impact now that the Grand Isle beaches have been closed due to the Leak.

Peterson wrote on the Huffington Post, "Gulf Coast community members -- including fishermen, shrimpers, grandmothers and families who have been directly impacted by the massive Deepwater Horizon oil spill -- sent a human text message." Aerial artist John Quigley and Margaret Curole of Commercial Fisherman of America got the project on track despite the weather.

Curole told Peterson, "This was the first time these fishermen were ever involved in an action of any kind ... yesterday they said to me 'I get it, we did something.'"

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