Friday, March 05, 2010

Scenes from our Friday

Today was my Friday off and it promised to be a rain free day (finally), so we decided to grab the cameras and ride around to see what was going on in the East and Bay St. Louis, Mississippi.

New Orleans East was hard hit by the storm and is finally looking like she's getting help. Right after the storm, we took a bike ride on a levee that was completely run over by the storm surge, bringing HUGE boats with it. Check out the pictures here.

for anyone interested, these are called "bottom dump trucks". (I only mention it because I had a difficult time finding a picture of the trucks that are doing the work).

This levee seems to be on a fast track to being repaired and raised. Day and night there has been a parade of heavy-duty "new fangled" dump trucks bringing landfill into the East from points beyond. They must be on a tight schedule, too because these drivers are literally hauling ass, making the corner from Powers Junction to Highway 11 to get back to I10 and to wherever they're picking up their landfill.

For all of you who don't work at Michoud, Folgers or Textron in the East, this is what is known as Powers Junction, where Highway 11 meets Highway 90. Boring geographical fact: Highway 11 runs from New Orleans to Maine. Powers Junction is where it ends.

So, after searching for a part that came off of my car one morning last week at Powers Junction, we decided to check out the Bayou Sauvage National Wildlife Refuge. We visited this area of wetlands rebirth last July.

The boardwalk has been kept safe - we saw indications of replaced boards where needed.

What was so awesome about being at this place, just 10 miles from New Orleans, is the quiet. It's soothing.

Our approach to the outlook in one section of the boardwalk disturbed the "pouldeaus" - better known as American Coots. They're some kind of waterbird that like to hang out in this area in winter. They were cautious, but kept their distance from us.

After exploring the NWR, we decided to head to the city of Bay St. Louis for lunch. Glad we did. We had some great fried catfish at Rickeys and then made sure we took a picture of this for days when we need a smile.

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