Wednesday, February 07, 2007

photos of n.o. east

Hubby & I took a bikeride along the levee in New Orleans East (Highway 90) to see what we could find, close to 18 months post Katrina.

Here are a few pix (click on pix to see full-size versions)

New Orleans from the Hwy 90 Levee

A Katrina-created "outhouse"

A barge that came to rest between the levee and Hwy 90

More big boats washed in from Lake Borgne and possible a result of the MRGO's affect on the tidal surge

The levee that runs ~ 3 miles from Textron Marine to the Chef Pass bridge. It was pretty muddy that day and I almost got a mud bath in this mess of puddles. :)

One of many camps sitting alone in Lake Catherine

I intend to update my Chef Hwy/Hwy 90 website, the Orphaned Boats and Katrina Recovery websites with all the pictures this weekend.

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ashley said...

A friend of mine had a camp. This is after the flood, with literally nothing left.