Friday, June 12, 2009

Thanks, Ann you scuzzbucket

A bill that would have put the brakes on the state acquiring land for the proposed new public hospital in New Orleans has been jettisoned by the Senate Education Committee.

After sailing through the House earlier this session, the proposal by Rep. Rick Nowlin of Natchitoches, failed to get passage in the Senate committee. Senators voted 7-1 against it Thursday, led by opposition from New Orleans Senator Ann Duplessis.

Ann Duplessis is a Scuzzbucket Extrodinaire. She authored a bill that passed last year, giving the leges a $34K raise. And now we learn that she is instrumental in the failure for HB 780 to get passage in the Senate Committee.

After sailing through the House earlier this session, House Bill 780 by Rep. Rick Nowlin, R-Natchitoches, ran into a 7-1 buzzsaw, led by Senator Ann Duplessis, D-New Orleans, who disputed the notion that the bill was designed to protect private property rights.

This bill is more about the new hospital being focused at Charity Hospital," she said, referring to some of the bill's backers who oppose the lower Mid-City site and want the state to gut Charity and rebuild within its shell.

Duplessis also pointedly asked Nowlin, "Are you from New Orleans?"

Nowlin said private property rights, the importance of medical education across Louisiana and the hospital's advertised $1.2 billion price tag -- with $300 million in state money already committed -- made it acceptable for a northern Louisiana lawmaker to weigh in.

State Treasurer John Kennedy, a critic of the hospital planning, said, "I don't see this as a New Orleans bill or a health care bill. This is an expropriation bill. . . . We shouldn't take land until we know we can build a hospital."

Wondering if Annie is in the pocket of previous scuzzbucket LSU president John Lombardi ? Wouldn't surprise me. You'd think that someone who represents New Orleans East, an area completely devastated by Katrina wouldn't be so blatantly greedy.

State Sen. Ann Duplessis said the legislative pay raise issue was skewed by those who do not believe elected officials are credible.

As an example, she pointed to the photo of her Mercedes that popped up on the Internet before the governor vetoed the pay raise.

Duplessis, D-New Orleans, said the car is part of her compensation package as a banker.

“It’s a 10-year-old, broken down vehicle,” she said.

Hell, she couldn't work to open a hospital in her own district. One opened recently that was bankrolled by a private citizen.

What a bee atch

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