Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Hurricane Season 2009

The 2009 Hurricane Season began on June 1st. We've got a good 6 - 8 weeks to go before we enter the heart of the season, probably more than that.

Here's a look around the NOLA blogosphere, recognizing the start of another season

Celcus provides a tongue in cheek look at the opening .

Cliff discusses his idea of hurricane preparedness , which I find amusing.

Varg presents a list of storm tracking websites at the Chicory.

The New Orleans News Ladder offers links to several June 1st activities regarding wetlands and coastal erosion.

Nolacleophatra discusses her preparations and recalls her evacuation during Gustav last year.

Louis Maistros wrote an oped about being prepared but not panicking.

More as they become available.

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