Friday, April 03, 2009

Let's compare disasters, shall we?

First Draft takes
the opportunity to answer those pathetic hateful souls who
take every advantage to beat down the the people of New Orleans with their closed- minded comments.

Here's a snippet

Is 80% of Fargo under water at present? Is it flooded to the rooftops? That was the case for much of NOLA and well you can't do much BUT go to the rooftop and hope help comes.

Did 90% of Fargo evacuate? Because 90% of So LA did so. It was the largest and most successful evacuation in US history. Over 1 million people evacuated...most in just 24-48 hours. My God the whole population of the state of North Dakota (640,000) would have to evacuate TWICE to make that argument meaningful.

Thanks, Scout!

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patricia said...

MAN!!!!!!! this is so right on!!! my mama and them are always saying just about what you said!