Monday, March 30, 2009


Neel Borsch

from it's website:

We've all be watching the drama from Fargo, North Dakota. Floods are bad enough, but when you have to deal with those floods in -11 degree temperatures I would imagine it is almost unbearable.

OK .. now for the insensitive thought. Let's keep some score. Let's see how well the residents of Fargo handle this disaster vs. the residents of New Orleans. The parasite quotient in New Orleans gives a huge lead to the denizens of the frozen north. I'm guessing that three and one-half years from now you will not see many Fargo residents living in motels as guests of the taxpayers.

Just go on and stir that pot, Neel. And your commenters, my what a bunch of frozen tundra boors. Maybe that's why they relate to Borsch.

some excerpts

We were flooded much worse than New Orleans and we helped one another out and life went on. It is funny how that works.


Now, I'm no defender of NO, no way. I was a responder and they sickened me and I got to the point that I wished they'd all just drown already and be rid of them BUT there is a world of difference in their ability to prepare in these places.


Has anyone taken a head count of volunteers from New Orleans going up to help out with the sandbagging operation?
I haven't heard of any busloads of Katrina "victims" going north to return the favor.

From First Draft, a great comment

Boortz is a Cat5 hurricane on the Homer-Simpson scale of storm stupidity.

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Editilla said...

These forking bastads. I eat'em for breakfast! Grunch'em like Grape Nuts. Hunt them like the neocowardly lions they are. Grrrrf! Grrrrf!

We posted this piece of kitty litter on the Ladder with a link to another blog discussion, under the heading "Editilla locks'n'loads".

You do realize of course that this is an orchestrated bit of propaganda framing. Pure Marketing, known as Brand Implanting. The blog I linked to hit the net within the hour of Boorsh's little stick-in-the-eye. Probably same author... definitely same plan. Deliberate.

But this actually shows me how far we have come, far far better than this.

Sinn Féin, Mz JudyB, Sinn Féin.