Tuesday, March 24, 2009

2009 JazzFest Cubes

Go here and use the pulldown menu under Music Schedule to view the music by stage/time

Laissez les bontemps roullez

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New Orleans Ladder said...

Hey Mz Judyb!
Thanks youz for listing us on'yer "blogs I like" list thingy we spotted on our stat counter! Yea!
I have been off the air for nearly 2 weeks... zapped... watership down... infrastructure cluster'fucsture... Editilla wit'no internets makes Bruce a baaaad boy! Trying to keep the Ladder up from different locales (no laptop) got go be like bobbing for voodoo dolls I'm tollin'ya.
Jeez Louie!
But we're baaaaack.
What was getting me the most though is this blogging thing has moved into an whole nutter echelon of hits this month... tons. Whoa. And we were (sorta) off da'air! Grrrrr...
Thanks Mz Babez,