Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Update ~ St. Genevieve Church

I first posted about Bayou Liberty's St. Genevieve Church about two years ago when it was being demolished as a result of damages sustained from Hurricane Katrina.

Recently I've found some updates on the status of rebuilding the Church. Last week's T.P. ran an article about parishoners' efforts to raise the $1.5M necessary to rebuild the church.

An architectural rendering of the new St. Genevieve Church, Slidell, provides a sense of its elevation – nine feet off the ground. The church will have seating for 500, about 200 more than the building destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.
From the clarion herald dot com

From the clarion herald dot com:

When the tides of Hurricane Katrina washed through Bayou Liberty, six feet of water went into the church, and four feet flooded both the rectory and CCD
building, Deacon Haggerty said.

The new church will be elevated nine feet off the ground, making it 16 feet
above sea level, and will have an elevator and some type of elevated ramp. Deacon Haggerty said the church will be about 13,900 square feet and will seat 500 – 200 more than the former church. The exterior will be stucco and metal with a metal roof.

the design committee and building committee then met with architects from Argus Architecture and Engineering, LLC. This work gave rise to a design reminiscent of the wooden mission church on brick piers with a steeple that pre-dated the storm damaged church, which was built in 1958. That edifice had served as a mission for many decades.

I have a myriad of pictures of the church here

Stay tuned for updates.

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