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Monday, January 29, 2007

St. Genevieve Church

I've lived in the Bayou Liberty section of Slidell for the past 25+ years and enjoy the way it feels like a small village. My daily commute takes me across the scenic and serene Bayou and past St. Genevieve Church.

Running chores on Friday, I was struck by the sight of the church in the first stages of being gutted (click on the pictures to view full sized versions)

I'd been wondering what was to become of the church, which sits on the banks of Bayou Liberty.

Katrina inundated it along with miles of homes that surround the bayou.

Sunday's Times Picayune carried an article about the history and future of the church. All the stained glass has been removed from the current building and used in the new church that the archdiocese is constructing.

Here is the church pre-K

I am happy for the parishoners of St. Genevieve. They are kind, gentle people.


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for your story. As a born and raised resident of Bayou Liberty, St. Genevieve is a place of hope and comfort for my family since its earliest beginnings in the 1800s. I now live in Florida, but miss home and the slow steady life of the bayou as well as its people. You can take the girl from the bayou, but you can't take the bayou from the girl.

judyb said...

I agree, anonymous. This is a wonderful area to live, so peaceful and comforting. Hope you can come by and visit soon. I will keep my St. Genevieve page updated for any and all changes to this area. Thanks for commenting.