Thursday, February 12, 2009

Something nice for a change

From New Orleans City Business dot com:

NEW ORLEANS - With the nation in a recession, a Mandeville man will give people in Louisiana a little economic stimulus of his own.

Rare coin dealer Paul Hollis plans to give away 1 million pennies in public places throughout Louisiana starting Thursday to commemorate the bicentennial of President Abraham Lincoln's birth and the centennial of the Lincoln cent. One public place will be the Argus Parade Feb. 24.

The pennies, totaling $10,000 or 5,500 pounds, have been a challenge to get to Louisiana.

Hollis needed an armored car service to get 500,000 pennies shipped to New Orleans from Philadelphia.

It cost $2,000 in transportation fees to get $5,000 worth of pennies, he said.

Abraham Lincoln has always been one of my favorite presidents and this is my small way of remembering his extraordinary legacy, he said, adding, "How many people can say they gave away tons of money and really mean it?"•

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Maitri said...

Our krewe gave away 6500 pennies at the Krewe du Vieux parade this year. How come we didn't get a write-up? Huh? :-)