Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Scuzzbucket (and perhaps stupidest one) of the week

(Courtesy Kenner Police Department)

Twenty year old Ciara Craig who confessed that she threw her newborn baby into Lake Pontchartrain, with the umbilical cord still attached.


From WAFB dot com

was trying to hide her pregnancy from her parents. She has been charged with first-degree murder. An autopsy is set for Wednesday on the baby girl.

Police say Craig told them the child was moving when she gave birth and that she felt a heartbeat. The baby was found face down in the shallow water in Lake Pontchartrain near the Kenner boat launch Tuesday afternoon. Craig was taken to the hospital and will be booked when she is released.

Several witnesses at the park saw the woman carry a black plastic bag to the edge of the lake and dump the contents into the water, then calmly walk back to her car and drive away shortly before 2:00 Tuesday afternoon.

Screw the ACLU. People who do things like this should be IMMEDIATELY sterilized.

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