Sunday, February 22, 2009

Northshore Saturday

Having a WHOLE day off recently is rare for me, so when I decided to take Saturday off, Hubby and I ventured out looking for stuff to buy at the local Farmers' Markets.

Our first stop was Slidell's Camellia City Market, where I purchased the "official" poster of the Market, created by Vivian Hava, Northshore High School Freshman.

Actually we were on a mission: We were looking for the dynamite Mediterranean food from Nur's Kitchen. A take-out-only restaurant, Nur's Kitchen used to be at all of the local Farmer's Markets, but we didn't see their food in Slidell, so we ventured on to the Mandeville Farmers' Market. There we found some delicious BBQ Sauce and a praline type brownie, but no Nur's. One more market on the northshore: the Covington Farmers' Market. No Mediterranean food there, either. But they DID have a good crowd and lots of produce and homemade goods to choose from. We decided to take a walk down to the Columbia Street Landing and visit shops along the way.

One of my favorite shops on Columbia Street is Art on Columbia , a gallery and store where you can buy wares from local artists. I purchased a very nice item for my fireplace mantle (love that overtime $$).

Columbia Street is full of boutiques, galleries and PLENTY of lawyer shops. One of my favorite sites is the old General Store.

We made it to the Landing, and enjoyed the quiet sitting by the Bogue Falaya

Getting hungry, we decided to look for food (seems like we're always looking for food, doesn't it?) So we walked towards the old Courthouse on Boston Street. Up New Hamshire Street we saw this hilarious site

This guy was trying to see if his brake lights were working. We assured him they were.

Further up New Hamshire, we spied some new construction and what looked to be a park, so we decided to check it out. Turns out we discovered the newest Trailhead for the Tammany Trace.

Newly opened last April (where've I been??), this Trailhead marks the end of the Tammany Trace's 40 mile trek.

I didn't bother reading the plaque, but I discovered a huge statue of Ronald Reagan keeping watch over the park

We noticed that this Trailhead didn't yet have full time rangers yet, so we decided to do some snooping around to see what else was there.

Then we noticed this flyer

So we tried the door, which opened, and wandered into the model train room. What a treat.

Hubby works for Amtrak, so he got a hoot out of this.

This display is so intricate. The owner of the trains paid so much attention to detail in this setup. I even spied a hooker hanging out by the auto shop!!

I asked the owner how long his Model Railroad display was going to be there and he said forever. So if you love Model trains, or have kids that do, I suggest you head to Covington to see this. You won't be disappointed.

We never did do lunch in Covington. We ended up at Fazzio's in Mandeville

They make the BEST tartar sauce in the world!

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