Saturday, February 28, 2009

A mystery solved

About a year after Katrina blew through here, I first noticed this sight in the community of Northshore on my daily commute to the spaceship factory.

I never could figure out how or why it was there until earlier this week when I read an article in the local newspaper

Sticking out of a pond in front of a large green building is the tail section of a small plane, looking as if the plane took a nosedive and got stuck in the mud at the bottom of the pond.

No, it’s not a plane accident, it is actually a work of art created by local contractor Bruce Sauer.

Sauer is a pilot and owns the Beechcraft Serria four-seater plane that sits in the middle of the pond. He built the building and pond in 2001 and his company used to work out of it, but now he leases it to Superior Construction Co.

Sauer bought the plane about 1989, and he flew it all over the place. But then his wife, Missy, who did not like to fly, asked him not to fly so much.

So, Sauer parked the airplane at the Lakefront Airport in New Orleans, and there it sat for several years.

Then Hurricane Katrina blew into town, and destroyed the plane. Sauer didn’t have any insurance on the aircraft, and he discovered that it wasn’t worth it to sell the plane for scrap metal.

“So I decided to make some pond art out of it,” Sauer said.

The building that sits behind the plane-in-a-pond rode thru Katrina as if it were a thunderstorm. It's well-built.

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