Thursday, November 20, 2008

Scuzzbuckets of the Week

The teachers and administrators in St. Tammany Parish who either refused to let students discuss Obama's victory or gave kids some bogus information
From the link above:

Many students said teachers displayed a clear political bias, and praised McCain in class while making disparaging remarks about the president-elect. Brandy Welch, a black eighth-grader at Slidell Junior High, said one of her teachers said that "Obama's not even from this country and that McCain is a war hero."

In some cases, students said they were threatened with punishment if they talked about the election.

"She said that if we did talk about (the election) she'd write us up, " 14 year-old Briana Seals, who is black, said of a teacher at Slidell Junior High School

Rachel Weaver, a senior at Northshore High School in Slidell and a white Obama supporter, said teacher and peer bias made her reluctant to voice her opinions. Some students used racial slurs to refer to the president-elect and her American history teacher simply ignored the election, Weaver said.

Makes me ill and happy that my daughter is no longer a part of this school system.

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