Thursday, November 20, 2008

Schroeder says it all

Schroeder says it one hundred times better than I could ever have regarding the recent flare up between New Orleans Councilperson Stacey Head and Veronica "Whitney Houston wannabe" White.

Here's the video of Nagin discussing how he and Council president Jackie "Brownnose" Clarkson made things better

Here's a niblet of Schroeder's reaction

Ray Nagin is a freaking idiot! The man is a pandering racist himself! Just pull out that race card anytime you’re being scrutinized for ripping off the taxpayers.

Oh, and thank you, Jackie. You have about as much spine as a steaming colostomy bag. This ain’t a social. It’s about the taxpayers of New Orleans getting ripped off and shit on by a feckless, incompetent, stubborn, worthless man who enjoys the privileges of the office of mayor, without any of the responsibility or accountability.

On the subject of Mz White, Big Red Cotton says it all

Eli links to a petition to dismiss Veronica White here

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