Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Scuzzbucket the week ( a few weeks late)

When I saw this quote, I vurpped.

"This is our Katrina" was written by a Mr. Ned Lamont, rich bastard living in Greenwich, Connecticut, referring to the meltdown of Wall Street a few weeks ago:

........in one fell swoop compared Greenwich's money woes to the Japan malaise, Asian tsunami and the New Orleans flood.

"It really is a financial tsunami, and it could go either way," said the multimillionaire telecommunications mogul who ran for the U.S. Senate in 2006. "It took Japan 20 years to recover from their buying binge. How long does it take us to work through excessive leverage? That could take years not months. This is our Katrina."

Oh yeah, Ned? Did you lose any of the nice, cushy things that your silver spoon life has presented to you?

I bet you didn't!!!

It's people like you who make me so angry and at the same time helpless to fix what you and your rich cronies have done to common, every day Americans. You bastards have sucked out any equity we've built up in our homes, you've taken thousands from our future retirement incomes, you've STOLEN from current retirees and what kind of "Katrina Punishment" do you receive? Probably nothing, Ned.

does even one of your homes look like this, Ned?

how 'bout you yachts, Ned, ever have one beat to boards like this?

did any of your "domestic help" ever have to clean your house out like this, Ned?

I know people in your level of society never hear or have to deal with the garbage man, but did you EVER see trash piles this high, Ned?

If THIS was YOUR Katrina, Ned, your neighborhood would look like THIS, bastard

If THIS was YOUR Katrina, Ned, your church would look like THIS

iF this were YOUR Katrina, Ned, your fridge would be putrid by now

If THIS were YOUR Katrina, Ned, you'd be STILL waiting on FEMA

If THIS were YOUR Katrina, Ned, you'd be enjoying these MRE's.

Imagine yourself in their shoes, Ned.

You know, Ned,

I'll bet you and your "pretty", priviledged little family would not even have lasted two days in post Katrina Gulf Coast. You could not even imagine what it was like to have no ice; to stand in line at Home Depot for four hours in 95+ degree heat for a generator that might not be available when your turn came; to have TEN MINTUES to shop at WalMart for things you might need to survive without electricity (clothes lines, bread, peanutbutter). Would you and your family ever think of making sandwiches for people who were less lucky than you? Nah, Ned, I think not.

I don't think the Lamont family could handle the stress that comes with living in an area that went thru a tremendous natural disastrophe.
Y'all just wouldn't have the mental strength to get thru this long term recovery. Nope, judging by your shallow statement above, you lack any kind of moral strength, IMHO.

Mr. Lamont, I hope you never have to go thru a Katrina. Because I think you would be one of the idiots that would be wailing about how "unfair" life is.


Hat Tip to Ray. Thank for reminding me of this fuckmook.

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