Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Kudo's, NOLA voters

NOLA City Business dot com recognizes one of the positive outcomes of last Saturday's election

The city with a reputation for political corruption now has a permanent watchdog.
Voters last weekend overwhelmingly approved changing the City Charter to require New Orleans to have an inspector general, who is tasked with weeding out fraud, waste and mismanagement within city government and recommending ways to make government more efficient. The office also will have a dedicated portion of the city's budget each year and an independent police monitor.

Robert Cerasoli, a Massachusetts native like myself, has been
putting up with Ray "the snake" Nagin and company's run around tactics for over a year now.

He waited nearly 7 months for an office

Cersoli's apparent red tape issues began almost immediately. When trying to advertise for his staff positions in major publications nationwide, he needed city officials to fill out credit information and in some cases tax identification, which took a while, Cerasoli said.
City officials also did not put Cerasoli's funding into the agency's bank accounts and didn't teach him or his first assistant, Marvin Doyal, how to access the accounts until recently.
"No one is coming in and taking us by the hand and leading us through this -- trust me," Cerasoli said.

From New Orleans City Business dot com, November 2007:

Despite failing to fund the inspector general, Mayor Nagin added millions to the city payroll to hire 40 more lawyers to review City Hall contracts, which is supposed to be Cerasoli’s job.
“That’s my job but he’s not giving it to me,” Cerasoli said. “I’m sure he doesn’t trust me to look at the contracts because I’m not going to give them the answers they want.”

The parasites infesting City Hall and sucking up taxpayer dollars could be eradicated by a good stiff application of justice but that’s not going to happen with Mayor Nagin and the City Council giving Cerasoli lip service so far. The Cerasoli stonewall by the mayor and City Council has been painfully obvious.

Cerasoli still has no staff. No office. No budget. City Council members keep saying they are going to fund the IG position but the words ring hollow when the new budget has zero dollars dedicated to the IG.

Someday, this and all of your other insane actions WILL come back and haunt you, Ray Ray.

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