Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Murder of New Orleans Neighborhoods

(Posted at Mosquito Coast, cross posted from Squandered Heritage) The political puppet that is Ray Nagin keeps proving that he does not give a damn about saving the soul of New Orleans through his actions that allow the demise of New Orleans' historical structures.

......In the wake of Gustav, a number of buildings around town suffered severe damage and fell down. Since the middle of last week, city Code Enforcement inspectors have been surveying properties to determine if any are in Imminent Danger of Collapse (IDC). If a property is truly IDC,..... under a city law that has been on the books for years, the city can move to knock it down immediately and clear the debris, bypassing all the normal (historic value, preservation) reviews.........

image from Matternetwork dot com

What this appears to be is a naked grab at power, using Gustav’s glancing blow to Orleans Parish as an excuse. The mayor is temporarily (I hope) stamping out a committee made up mostly of citizens, a committee formed to protect citizens’ rights to not have their property arbitrarily destroyed. His aim would appear to be to accelerate demolitions resulting from Katrina, in order to look good in the eyes of Washington.

The link provides the whole sickening story. The murder of historic neighborhoods for the nightly news to make everything looks shiny and new.

What horseshit.

What horseshit

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