Monday, August 25, 2008

We Are Not Okay - 3 years later

from the New Orleans Photoblog

there are miles of neighborhoods that are abandoned 3 years later. No stores, no gas, no life. homes in good neighborhoods all empty and full of mud. X’s still on the buildings to represent finding dead or not. It is so sad to see this, and to feel like the rest of the world has moved on and just left this vast beautiful city to fade into what once was, instead of a strong city that was able to come back… because the world helped and believed it could. .. the reality that the world is so immersed in itself, is sad and I do not blame the people here for thinking the rest of the world sucks. it does… where is all the promises of help to rebuild? where is all that money and materials donated by other countries and people? why has New Orleans become a game for insurance companies and the government to toss back and forth and why are we the people not standing up and demanding that our next “president to be”, address the crisis of New Orleans, so that the once great port city can rebuild and grow again? as a nation, we have abandoned one of the greatest cities of our country. We should be ashamed.

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