Monday, August 25, 2008

Katrina Survival Story

When I read about this item in todays Times Picayune in Charlotte's blog all I could think was "wow".

Here's Jennifer Zdon's take on it
The Diary of Tommie Elton Mabry

from Charlotte's blog

It’s a fascinating account of Elton Mabry’s solitary days of survival during and for eight weeks after Katrina in an apartment in the B.W. Cooper public housing development. Mr. Mabry documented his days by writing a diary on the walls of the apartment with a pack of sharpies he found while scrounging for food.

What I like about this story is it tells the story of how an average New Orleanian survived in a broken and isolated city in the aftermath of a governmental disaster: the failure of the levee system AFTER a major hurricane blew through.

Check out the whole story at the TP's web page link above.

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charlotte said...

I didn't realize there was a video - thanks for posting it1 And thanks for the linky-luv.