Thursday, August 14, 2008

Scuzzbucket of the Week #3

It's been a busy week for scummy people.

Thursday's nomination for "shit of the day" goes to United Airlines their lowlife idea
From the Washington Times:

American Airlines is charging troops for their extra baggage, a practice that forces soldiers heading for a war zone in Iraq to try to get reimbursement from the military. One of the country's largest veterans groups is asking the aviation industry to drop the practice immediately.

American, which recently charged two soldiers from Texas $100 and $300 for their extra duffel bags, said it gives the military a break on the cost for excess luggage and that the soldiers who incur the fees are reimbursed.

"Because the soldiers don't pay a dime, our waiver of the fees amounts to a discount to the military, not a discount to soldiers," said Tim Wagner, spokesman for American Airlines. "Soldiers should not have to pay a penny of it."

I never understood charging men and women who are putting their lives on the line. I used to send boxes of goods to soldiers in Iraq but had to stop when it was costing me over $100 in postage for two boxes. It sickens me.

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