Thursday, August 14, 2008

Scuzzbucket Twins

From the "lovely lah-dee-dah" metropolis of Mandeville, Louisiana come the mayor-with-a-drinking-problem Eddie Price and his sidekick Police Chief Tom Buell.

Not only is it unsavory enough that the mayor would not go to jail several instances of drunk driving. Last month four Causeway police officers, including Chief Felix Loicano, lost their jobs after an outside review recommended that they be fired or resign for treating Price leniently after he crashed through a tollbooth barrier on the bridge April 22.

Now Eddie and Tom are in deep shit after publication of a Legislative Audit
that claims these two theives have been stealing money from the city, from charity to benefit themselves and other cronies.
touched a responsive chord.

From 2002 to 2007, the Mandeville Police Department's Citizen's Service Fund received donations totaling $217,938. But according to a Louisiana Legislative Auditor's report, only $16,492 of that money was used to buy Christmas presents for needy children -- less than the $26,055 that was spent on materials to solicit donations.

The report states $15,775 were used to purchase Wal-Mart gift cards for residents and city employees including Price who, over the five-year period, received $1,300 in gift cards. The report also states Price was given additional gifts, including a gun cabinet and a crossbow, that totaled $1,607.

Yesterday Price called for revised procedures from his office for better documentation of monies spent. What gall.

And now the Louisiana State Attorney General is investigating these scumbags.

Stay tuned.

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