Saturday, August 30, 2008

It's in the wait

Ray writes about what we on the Gulf Coast have been doing all week
. Waiting.

We originally had plans to evac to Hammond, but that was for Saturday thru Monday. THAT turned out to be no good. So much for planning ahead, huh? Then I tried for hours to find a place as far north as Memphis....nada.

So, we will hunker down with our five cats (got some tranquilizers for them) the same as we did for Katrina, here at home. And wait.

Let's hope Gustav leaves the whole state alone. There isn't any section of south Louisiana that didn't feel the affects of Katrina & Rita and people are just getting on their feet.

Watching the non stop local new reports last night there was one humorous thing: the Sheriff of
Terrebone Parish, where Gustav is supposed to hit (as of now) told residents that there will be curfews so they'd better stock up on liquor and cigarettes now. I kid you not!


Bigezbear said...

Good luck, darlin'. Looks like we'll be doing the same here in the French Quarter.

Got the booze and cigarettes yesterday. I'm worried more about the ice.

Anita said...

Stay in touch! We just went out and bought as much ice as we could carry and stuffed it into anything that could possibly hold ice....

We've got our rooms in Alabama - but only through Tuesday -- and of course we couldn't have our stay extended... If the thing stalls there's no sense in using them so we'll be in the same pickle.

Anonymous said...

You are staying? You are braver than me....God bless and be safe.