Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gustav is coming.....

Four thirty on Sunday night. Apparently the first bands of the storm are passing over us, but I can't tell. With boards on all of the windows, it's like being in a cave.

We went out searching for ice earlier this morning. We rode from one end of Gause Blvd. to the other. After ten or so stops, we came up with nothing. On our way back, we were stopped at a redlight by a Rite Aid that was just closing and there was a pile of BAGS OF ICE, free for the taking!!! It was wild. We pulled in and got six bags as two other people took the rest. What a great suprise. So I think we'll be okay when the electricity goes out.

I have still been hearing blue jays and cicadas throughout the day. I think (hope) that's a positive sight.

Gustav is still a strong storm, but the winds are slowing down. Now if we can just make it jog to the west a wee bit more.

Doing my final cooking chore (chicken wings). Loaded with candles, bread,sandwich meat, pnut butter, snacks, gin & tonic beer and water. I think we'll be okay. Oh yeah! and a few 7 year old xanax pills to get us thru that horrible sound of the wind. I hate that part.

The cats are still pretty laid back and I'm hoping that continues.

See y'all on the other side.


K. said...

So far, it sounds like you've dodged a bullet. Which is not to say that the past few days have been a picnic. Anyway, you've all been in many thoughts and prayers.

Anita said...

Wondering how you're all doing out there. Can't wait til you're back to blogging. :) Hope it's all good in the end.