Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Scuzzbucket of the Week

For the second time in a month, our favorite Scuzzbucket is none other than Senator Ann "I'm better than the little people" Duplessis. Reacting to the
governor's veto of her bill, Duplessis said the issue is now dead and that she would not try to override the veto and that she would not bring up a scaled-down version of the pay raise in future sessions.

The Senator expressed her displeasure with what she saw as Jindal's broken promise. "The first thing I was told when I got into office was, your word is all you have," she said, "and we were given his word."

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Is she in a cave or something? From WWL TV:
Duplessis said she did not believe that there was the big backlash against the raise that the media had been reporting, but that a couple of ‘radio personalities’ had led the charge and overstated how the public felt.
She said the constant barrage by the ‘personalities’ was something she couldn’t fight.
“I don’t have a PR budget that will allow me to do a campaign to tell the other side,” she said.

Funny thing, just a few weeks ago she found some "PR Budget" to do damage control after the pay raise was a success. From Bayoubuzz dot com:
Ann Duplessis and Damage Control
Senator Ann Duplessis, ever since Pay Raise Gate has gone on the offensive with her own PR machine. It was her bill that passed the Senate tripling the legislator’s pay raise. Now she is sending out emails touting her involvement in the community. The other day one email marketer promoted her and a fashion event. Today, Senator Duplessis’s email is "Taking Care of Business" promoting her “Clean and Beautiful Campaign”. Duplessis serves residents of Eastern New Orleans, Holy Cross, and the Lower Ninth Ward. She rarely sent out any emails prior to this Pay Raise Gate debacle. She and the legislators who voted for their own payraise and who threatened the Governor with shutting down the government will have a lot of business to take care of before they regain the trust of the people of her district with whom she has ignored for the benefit of her buddies in the legislature who have never needed the pay raise in the first place

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