Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Sleeping Giant Awakens

If you have the time and means of transportation, get yourself to Baton Rouge next Monday, July 7th.
Stephen Sabludowsky over at Bayou Buzz is leading an anti-pay raise march on the Louisiana Capitol in Baton Rouge on Monday July 7, 2008, the day before the deadline for PBJ to veto the pay raise.

From Bayou Buzz:

"will initiate a peaceful rally on the Capitol steps prior to the day the bill becomes law. It is the democratic way to let the people know that we mean business and we want this legislation vetoed. The Governor needs to see live bodies demanding change, not simply emails and phone calls. We will need the help of organizations, of individuals and yes, you--who feel left out in the cold by our Governor and by the legislature. It is time for Louisiana to take our state back from the power brokers seeking power for their own person gain while the people go broke. If you want to help in a large or small way, contact me and let us begin to become Citizen Can."

Website Central La. Politics will soon provide a link to the rally in the near future.

Hopefully, the days of letting the good ole boy network do what they want and get away with it seem to be finally over.

Jeff Croere puts it better than I could:
I doubt that our legislators realized that their push for a 124% increase in salary would lead to an awakening of the sleeping giant, the voters of Louisiana.

Never before had Louisiana voters, long accustomed to political shenanigans reacted with such fury to an action of the Legislature.

This issue struck a responsive chord for a number of reasons. The pay raise was too large and it came at a time that the “regular” people were suffering. Citizens cannot vote themselves a pay raise and neither should politicians.

A recall petition is available here.
This site provides the petition (in pdf format) and recall rules as well as quotes of Jindal regarding his stance on the pay raise
A recall petition would require verifiable signatures from well over 900,000 registered Louisiana voters. This can be done, folks.

Thanks to Swampwoman for this info
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